Thursday, 21 September 2017

Teach The Teacher

 Today Isabelle and Lily taught the class how to make a 3-D paper apple or strawberry. These will be hung on a tree next week.

Basic Facts

Our class average for the Friday basic facts test was a new high score of 90!

Dojo Point Winners

Well done to the Dojo Point winners for this week:
Nolan, Rosie and Lily!

Monday, 18 September 2017

See you soon

Today we said goodbye to Gina who is moving with her family to Christchurch.
Gina has been a valued member of the class. Her behaviour is fantastic and she tries her best with everything she does. We wish Gina well and hope she has a wonderful time and makes some great new friends.

I hope we will see you soon :)


Today we found out that Room 17 gained places in a maths competition.

The Matific Australian and New Zealand Maths Championship ended last week and our class gained places: the Year 3s coming 8th and the Year 4s coming 6th. This is against all the competing schools in Australia and NZ. Well done! Room 17 completed more than 7,000 maths challenges in the two weeks of competition.

A special mention to Brodie and Rosie who earned more than 1100 stars each.

Break Out

On Friday, Room 17 attempted a Breakout. There were a series of puzzles to solve to try and unlock a box that held the key to defeating imaginary aliens. Students had to think hard, work together as a group, read a map, solve puzzles, read invisible ink and think some more.

Teach The Teacher

On Friday, Finlay taught the class how to make a thermal fan.

It works because the sun heats the black tube which heats the air inside the tube. The heated air rises and turns the fan. Cool air moves into the tube and is then heated and the process repeats.