Thursday, 6 July 2017

Dojo Point Winners

Well done to the Dojo Point winners for the last week of term:
Rosie, Gina, Nolan and Max!

Monday, 3 July 2017


Samantha made this presentation after she had completed some research about Matariki.


Lily made this presentation after researching Matariki.

Sunnyhills Students are Helping to Raise Awareness About Threats to our Bee Population

Sunnyhills students have been drawing bees for High Tide in Howick to help highlight how our bee population is under threat.  We are helping to raise awareness about how the use of sprays that contain GLYPHOSATE  which are being sprayed around Howick streets/kerbs, beaches and playgrounds are believed to be damaging to bees.  

We are losing bees at an alarming rate - possible reasons include the loss of flower meadows, the crab-like varroa mite that feasts on their blood, climate change, wasps attacking bee hives and the use of pesticides.  

How can we help?  Do not apply chemical pesticides or herbicides - instead use Neem Oil, boiling water or steam, salt or use organic products.  If you see a wasp nest have it destroyed.  Contact the council (ACC) and ask them to stop spraying Glyphosate.  


Rosie did some research by reading books and looking at some websites to find information about the Maori celebration of Matariki. Here is her presentation.